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How to shop

Register yourself at Ferdosi.com

In order to purchase from Ferdosi.com, you have to register yourself with us. All the information you provide will be regarded as confidential (Please read Privacy Policy).

If you are a company user you will be requested to provide us with a valid authorized VAT number, and if you live in Sweden you will have to enter your Social Security Number in order to receive credit.

It is very important to complete the form with accurate contact information, so that we can contact you or deliver the products that you order at the right address as mentioned by you.

After the registration is complete, you can start shopping with us.

Note that registration will give you the advantage of rating books and also commenting on them, which will be supervised by us and published after confirmation.

Your shopping cart will be empty and as you browse through the books you can add to it, and then edit it or finish the shopping process by “checking out” which appear as “Edit” or “Check Out” in a small box on the top right corner of the page.

Edit your Shopping Cart

In the “Edit” section, you can add or reduce the quantity of the product you wish to order by writing the desired number and clicking on the “Change” button also evrytime you clic on <add to cart button>, “delete” it from your shopping cart or “Move it to wish list” if you wish to buy the book at any other time or just want to keep score of your favorites.

In Edit section you can also see the information about your order:

The weight of the total order, total price of the products you order and the discount if there is.


Checking out

If you think you are done with your shopping, you can simply click on the “Check Out” button. You will be redirected to a page in which you can edit the receiver of your order, in case there is another address you would like your order to be delivered at. Also you can see the final invoice for your order on this page, including, total postage cost which depends on the weight of your order, where the receiver of orders are. And finally the total amount you have to pay in order to receive the ordered products.


Pay by credit

There are two payment methods at Ferdosi.com, one of which, is specifically designated for customers who live in Sweden or companies, institutions, libraries with a valid authorized VAT/Org. number. Library with no VAT number may contact us before ordering.

If you choose to pay by credit metod, you will receive your invoice bu your order and Can pay within 10 days as private customer. Comppany and Libraries will get 30 day or more depending on agreement with ferdosi.


Pay with credit card

If you have a valid Visa or Master credit card, you can fill in the form with your card information and complete the shopping process.

Please pay attention we charge only the products which we provide. We charge your credit card only for the products we ship and may one order may ships in more than one time.

Please remember to read  Terms & Conditions before you move on to the payment section and complete your shopping. In “Terms and Condition” you will find useful information about prices, taxes, policies, timings, etc.