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    Ferdosi.com has a huge database of books, films, software, digital books and some other products along with the information provided by their publisher, such as “author”, “translator”, “illustrator”, “composer” and so many more criteria to search for the desired product based on.

All you have to do is to click on Advanced Search link, choose the product you wish to find at Ferdosi.com, be it a book, film, software, etc… and start searching. You may want to broaden the result of your search by having fewer limitations or if you have anything specific in mind that you know the exact information for, you can fill in most or all fields of the search box and find it.

As for the books, you can search the book on the author´s name, publisher, and also ISBN. As you may already know, the ISBN is a code unique for each book in the world identifying it. Mostly the numbers after 978 show where the book has been published. For instance 978-91-…. could be the ISBN of a book printed in Sweden. On the other hand, there might appear to books with no registered ISBN; in this case, our system has generated a serial number for it including the code country. Therefore if you do not have the idea of the ISBN number about a book, it would be a good idea to search on other criterion/criteria.

Ferdosi.com search system eases the way to find books for you in the way that not only you can search on names and other specifications, but also you can search a book by subject, and browse through the subjects to find what you actually have in mind. Remember that when you search on types, for instance music type if you are looking for a CD, music album, etc. there might appear some subtypes, which will show up as you click on the PLUS + sign right next  to the main type.



What is of very much importance is the way data is registered in our database and therefore the way you “write” or “spell” the search word. No matter what the original language of the product is, we have registered it in our database with its original language and also “Romanized” system. Note that non Latin books are registered by using Romanization method based on Library of Congress. You will not be able to find your book if you use incorrect nonstandard spelling. We suggest you use non-Latin character in one key word. And then browse to search result. Ex. “Hafez” will not give you any result on non-Latin books. “Hafiz” is the correct spelling.

To see what a “Romanized” word looks like, please read the instructions in the “Romanization” section. This will make your search easier and more effective.