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Terms and Conditions

Order Processing and Delivery

Processing orders in a timely manner is our very first aim. Delivery time mainly depends on the product ordered and whether we have that specific product in store or not. We consider a time of 2-6 working days for every order to fulfill. For a product, say a book that we do not have in store, waiting time of 3-6 weeks for a delivery is possible. Please make sure you have the right postal address on your profile.

Please note. Ferdosi.com provide product mostly produced by publisher in middle east, Asian or non-stream publisher in Europe and USA. The logistic of publications from these publishers is not as easy or as on time as books publish by American or European publisher. Thereby if orders are not available in or store it may take up to 8 weeks to get ordered products. Otherwise if the products are available, we may ship them within 24 hours.

Tax Charges

Tax Charges are normally 6% on books, and 25% on CDs, etc.

Company Customer Private Customer
Member of the EU, holding an authorized and valid VAT number  0 In Sweden or EU x
Member of the EU, NOT having a VAT number X Outside Sweden and EU 0
Inside Sweden X  
Outside Sweden or EU 0     
Note that if a customer inside Sweden or the European Community orders for a receiver outside EU member, no tax applies to the transaction.
Returns policy
If there is an error in the order processing from our side, faulty material, we will take responsibility for the problem, pay for the postage cost and have the order back. Otherwise, if the customer fails to lead the correct order, they are responsible for postage cost and 50% of the total amount of products. This also applies to a cancelation in orders, which means that if the customer cancels an order, they will have to return the products in exactly the same way they were delivered and also, return the fee for half of the total amount of order.