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About Ferdosi

    Ferdosi International is a key distributer and supplier of Middle Eastern Books, Journals, Newspapers, CDs and DVDs. We co-operate with producers throughout the world in order to provide individual and organizational/institutional clients with their requests and through our contact services and multilingual website. Established in 1984, Ferdosi international has had its base as a walk-in bookstore in Central Stockholm ever since, although there are full-time offices in Tehran, agents in Lebanon and USA running the business as well. The majority of our market-share is dedicated to Persian Arabic, Kurdish, Dari, Pashto and Turkish materials for which we are a carrier and provider to all parts of the world. We also have extensive expertise in supplying English, Azeri, Armenian, Assyrian, Somalia, Swedish, Asian and Eastern European publication. We invite inquiries on our services and are capable of tailoring supply to the ongoing needs of the client, in a timely manner and at reasonable costs with constant consultation and communication. Contact Us